Gallerydrive / The Grand Illusion


Gallerydrive / The Grand Illusion is an all-in-one 1990’s immersive media art museum machinery drive-through videogame-like real world cyberspace installation.

me inside the installation

The visitor takes place on a mechatronic seat, called Gallerydrive, which moves him automatically through the installation. He is driven into a large machine, the Robotik Room, which assembles itself to a whitecube, surrounding the visitor completely, once he is inside. This whitecube contains a mini exhibition which focuses on the most fundamental elements, or “atoms” of virtual reality, which are basically pixels in primary colors.

Those pixels are presented largely magnified, which gives the viewer the chance to investigate their potential of creating virtual images and spaces in a comfortable way.

The video above shows the installation as it was set up in my workshop. Due to the limited setup space in my workshop, the introduction sound of the ride can not be perceived in an adequate duration. This will be corrected in a public show by enlarging the track towards the Robotik Room. But since this sound plays an important role in the dramaturgy of the ride (it is supposed to open the viewers mind for the upcoming show by phonetically brainwashing him), you can listen to it here as mp3 (I recommend to listen that via headphones):

[ Original sound that is played while the visitor approaches the whitecube machine ]


[ Gallerydrive project description ]
[ Robotik Room project description ]

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