Robotic Exhibition System

Berlin, 2006

Gallerydrive extrapolates the technical capabilities of an audio guide in order to achieve an art perception experience at a maximum level of control by the curator. The system is developed for galleries and museums and it drives visitors automatically through the exhibition. Meta information about the various artworks is provided via headphones and touchscreen.

Concept drawing of the self-driving Gallerydrive vehicle which is based on an electric wheelchair

Communication of background knowledge about the exhibited pieces via the Gallerydrive system offers curators, gallerists, exhibition designers and contemporary artists a comfortable way to canalize and structure the huge flood of related information. It empowers the presenters to control the visitor’s perception precisely and to define the ideal path through the exhibition, which guarantees the most efficient art perception. Using the implemented audio player to supply adequate moody background tunes will actuate the favored emotional accommodation of the viewer. This concentrates the exhibition's atmosphere and hopefully leads to an enhanced receptiveness of the visitor's brain.

Concept drawing of a Gallerydrive path through an exhibition

Furthermore, Gallerydrive offers the possibility of exact visitors management: The drive through the exhibition follows a precisely defined timing and topology, which eliminates crowds in front of single pieces (the Mona Lisa effect) and ensures that each visitor perceives every artwork in a standardized high quality and duration.

Gallerydrive was the diploma project of my studies at the University of the Arts in Berlin.

Setup of my diploma presentation at the University of the Arts in Berlin

Gallerydrive - The Game

During the developement of the self driving Gallerydrive vehicle, I simulated different line following algorithms in a virtual environment with a Processing sketch. Later, I modified this simulation to become “Gallerydrive - the Game”.

The game is happening during an exhibition opening in an art gallery. The audience is exquisite: The art collectors Charles Saatchi and Elton John are amongst the visitors, maybe even Banksy! In between the visitors drives the Gallerydrive vehicle, but someone forgot to draw a line on the floor, which the vehicle can follow.

It is now your task to draw this line on the floor! For some unclear and evil reason, you can draw the line in such way, that the vehicle will drive over the visitors. This is how you get points in this game.

You can download the game and try it out. You will also have to download Processing in order to let it run.

Screenshot of Gallerydrive - the Game