Robotik Room


Contemporary art is often presented in former industrial production facilities. While globalization causes that those halls are not used for their original purpose anymore, grassroots culture activists are attracted by the size and availability of those sites and give them a new purpose by hosting fine arts. At the same time, such environments cannot stand the paradigm of a white cube as the ideal art presentation space. The remaining technical structures irritate visitors and handicap them during their fine arts perception.

robotik room in opened position

Robotik Room solves this problem in an efficient way. The installation is a huge machinery which fits perfect into factory buildings. The apparatus is designed to automatically set up a standard white cube exhibition space within seconds, which will surround the visitors and make them feel like they were in a modern museum environment.

The image above shows the machine as it is set up in the Royrobotiks Workshop. The same machine at the same place is shown below: The Robotik Room has transformed to a white cube, showcasing images of an automated Gallerydrive tour called “The Grand Illusion”.

inside the robotik room

The video below shows a test of the installation’s mechanism. It also reveals, that the Robotik Room is intended to be part of Gallerydrive tours. While the video presents the room in a state where it is not yet finished, the installation works now and is fully integrated in the existing technologic environment of Gallerydrive.

There are two further videos online, which show content, that is related to the machinery:

[ Model of the Robotik Room before the real machine was built ]
[ Testing the sturdynes of safety relevant parts for the Robotik Room ]


[ Gallerydrive project description ]
[ The Grand Illusion project description ]

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