Car Convenience Device

Sibiu, Romania, 2007

Autohonk is a comment on the general behavior of car drivers in the Romanian traffic, as I experienced it during an artist residency in Sibiu. While the work was inspired by and realized in Romania, it is obvious that there are many other places around the world, where such a device would be handy. Autohonk follows the approach of making life easier by automatizing stupid and repeating human actions. The device proposes an elegant and simple way to clear messy traffic situations by honking automatically, whenever the car driver has to push the brake pedal.

I have explained Autohonk in more detail in Garnet Hertz' zine “Critical Making”:

Garnet Hertz is browsing through the first prints of his zine
Schematic drawing in Critical Making
The concept, explained in more detail
Circuit drawing of the installation
... and more text

Special thanks

I want to thank *.artlabs in Sibiu and especially Hannes Nehls and Bianca Herlo for inviting me to this residency.

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