Site-specific Installation

The Hague, Netherlands, 2010

Dutch artist Arno Scheper is working with air as an artistic medium since several years. He invited me to build something For an “Air machines” show, that he organized in an abandoned shop front in The Hague. As I wanted the visitors to perceive the core medium of the show right at the beginning, I decided to set up a special entrance situation:

A wind tunnel which you have to pass, when entering the exhibition.

The street in front of the exhibition
The entrance to the exhibition lead through the wind tunnel

The exhibition space had two doors, which brought me to the idea for the installation. I built the tunnel between those two doors. One door served as the entrance (and exit) of the show. The other door was filled with three large industrial fans which were pushing air into the tunnel. A door at the end of the tunnel finally lead to the exhibition space.

The wind tunnel was a wooden frame construction covered with translucent plastic foil
Visitors were experiencing the wind right at the beginning of the show
Detail of the wind tunnel with fans
The exit of the wind tunnel lead to the exhibition space

Special thanks

I want to thank Arno Scheper for inviting me to participate in this show!

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