Wasserklang Modulsystem

Sound Installation

In collaboration with La belle Imira, 2011

water wheel Technikmuseum Berlin

For Berlin’s Museum Night 2011, Imira and I have connected the huge water wheel of Berlin’s Technikmuseum with several mechanic music boxes. The water wheel drives the music boxes via a very long rope that makes its way in an expressive zigzag course over several pulleys through the museum’s beautiful garden.

Here’s a video of our first test setup:

And here are some photos of the final exhibition one week later:

Wasserklang Modulsystem inside forge
The rope gets its power from the rotating barrel inside the forge. The barrel is directly connected to the water wheel outside. A well aligned pulley system inside the wood construction directs the rope around the barrel and outside the window of the little building.

Wasserklang Modulsystem forest behind forge
Behind the forge is a little forest where the main part of the installation is set up.

Wasserklang Modulsystem musicbox
Every second pulley has a musicbox attached. They all play different melodies at the same time and cover the garden in a magic atmosphere.

Wasserklang Modulsystem tensioning system
The looped rope is put under tension with a sand filled bucket. Removing or adding sand changes the tension on the whole system.

Wasserklang Modulsystem vistors
Even if it was quite rainy that night, visitors enjoyed our installation a lot!

The photos were taken by Alisa Kossak. You can download them in this Picasa album.

And here are some sound recordings that I made during the exhibition:

Wasserklang Modulsystem by royrobotiks

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