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Me and the next President of France

Saturday July 3, 2010

Me and Martine Aubry

As announced, on Thursday evening the exhibition “Dancing Machine” opened in Lille St Sauveur. Martine Aubry (behind me on the picture), major of Lille and boss of the French socialist party (this is the reason why everyone thinks she might have the opportunity to beat Sarkozy at the next elections) said some warm words to the huge crowd which came to see the show. I didn’t really understand what she was talking about, but eventually I could take over the microphone and also have a little speech.

Below, there are two short videos of the IDP, which I shot during the opening. The first clip features the inofficial team of bouncers that protectet the dancefloor. And the second video shows the sophisticated transforming mechanisms of that party-in-a-box thing.

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