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Upcoming exhibition opening in Kraków

Monday March 3, 2014

This week on Thursday, 6PM, the project ‘Spieltrieb – the play in art, science and society’ will be kicked off at Goethe Institut Kraków. The project includes a one year exhibition of my new installation “Suck the Balls!” right at the Potocki Palace at Kraków’s main square (which is actually the Goethe Kraków headquarter).

Günter Schulz is testing

The construction consists of a little ball pit, a vacuum cleaner powered pneumatic tube transport and a ball shower.

Before I went to Kraków last week to set up the machine in the beautiful historic staircase of the palace, I asked my friend and technology aficionado Günter Schulz to come over to my workshop for some beta testing.

For further video analysis, I filmed Günter executing various performance tests.
Please analyze yourself:

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