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Workshop in a suitcase

Friday September 14, 2012

WRO Art Center and Goethe Institute Krakow invite me for one month to Wroclaw, in order to make a free project, there.
The trip starts tomorrow. I have no clue what I’ll produce, so I packed the 42 essentials of my workshop into a suitcase. It’s a little bit of everything:

essential gear

  1. working gloves
  2. sturdy red rope
  3. switching power supply +12V/+5DC/-5V
  4. various IC’s (microcontrollers, 555 timers, opamps, darlington driver arrays, …)
  5. cutting mat
  6. loooooooooong measuring tape (50m)
  7. RC servo, proto boards, LCD display (2×40)
  8. little boxes with many little electronic components (resistors, capacitors, switches, transistors, sensors, photostuff, usb to TTL serial board, …)
  9. measuring tools
  10. swiss army knife
  11. pens and other drawing gear, cutters and blades
  12. little vise
  13. saws
  14. pocket calculator
  15. flat wrenches
  16. camera
  17. hand tools (files, pincers, screwdriver)
  18. thread cutters
  19. tweezers
  20. springs
  21. more tools (shitty small dremel style no-name drilling machine, cutting discs, gas soldering iron, screwdrivers, nippers, screwdrivers)
  22. funny blue masking tape, desolder pump above
  23. brass tubes, welding rods
  24. re-usable heavy duty tie wraps
  25. even more tapes (double sided, gaffa) … and a little white netbook power supply below
  26. glasses
  27. laboratory power supply
  28. multimeter
  29. a bunch of rubber gloves
  30. safety goggles
  31. ratchet belt
  32. ear protection with built in FM radio
  33. tie wraps
  34. crocodile cables
  35. a plastic jar of rubber bands
  36. soldering stand
  37. cheap slow netbook
  38. pocket oscilloscope (never understood how to use it – maybe I’ll have to find out in Poland)
  39. from left to right: soldering iron, AVR-ISP programmer, external 500GB harddisk, leatherman – and a gas torch above
  40. drill bit set, solder and wires on its left, hammer and glues on its right
  41. little good audio recorder, cheap headphones
  42. memory card

I also asked the WRO Art Center to provide me with

  • a cordless power drill,
  • an electric jigsaw,
  • plenty of multiplugs,
  • a stereo,
  • a table,
  • good working light,
  • and a sofa.

The latter items aren’t depicted here, as I’ll be confronted with them not before tomorrow afternoon.

all packed

In the packed suitcase was even space left, which I filled with some more wires and tie wraps and sheets of PVC, ball bearings, …
Including the suitcase it’s alltogether 34 kilos of densely packed fun stuff for Wroclaw!

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