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Wasserklang Modulsystem – Test Run #1

Wednesday August 24, 2011

Berlin’s Museum Night is only a few sleeps away and here’s already a video of what you can experience upcoming Saturday night in Kreuzberg at the Technikmuseum:
A water powered multichannel sound installation! (And it’s somewhat large scale.)
Here’s a video of last weekend’s test run:

La belle Imira and I teamed up in order to connect the museum’s huge and unused water wheel with a couple of tiny music boxes. They are distributed in the forest that surrounds the old forge and alongside a rail track. The music boxes are all different and play related melodies („Berliner Luft“, „Moonshine Sonata“, „My Way“, … ). A several hundred meter long looped rope connects the music boxes with the water wheel in an expressive zig-zag course.

The installation is part of a group show, curated by Jana Linke, with works of Karl Heinz Jeron, Chris Jeffs, Daniela Kinateder, Jana Linke, Markus Ruff and Juliane Zelwies.

“Wasserklang Modulsystem” will be up and running next Saturday (August, 27th) from 6PM to 2AM at the Technical Museum’s old forge. Imira and me will be there and we’d be glad to welcome you as well!

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